HushMat by Auto Interiors Direct | Make the Ride More Comfortable!

Your Ultimate Weapon Against Aggravating Noise, Irritating Vibration, and Blasting Heat! HushMat is Rated #1, and it is the only OEM-approved product of its kind in the automotive aftermarket.

Key Benefits:
1)   Sound Deadening
2)   Vibration Damping
3)   Thermal Insulation

Featured Uses:
Car Sound Deadening
- Sound Proofing for your Car - Reduces Noise Over 50% 

Hot Rod/Vehicle Restoration - Automotive Insulation - Reduces Heat Over 70%

Heavy Truck - Reduce Heat and Noise in your cockpit by over 50%

Our HushMats are the #1 Rated Sound Deadening and Thermal Insulation products on the market!