Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. For further help please review the other sections on our Customer Care page or reach out to us directly. We are here to help.

What are the original colors for my vehicle?

This information can be obtained by going to "Product Search" and entering your vehicle’s Year, Make, and Model. Then select the product you are looking for. After selecting your product you will be given the list of original materials and colors.

May I order unoriginal material and/or color for my product?

Yes, in some cases you can order unoriginal materials and colors. All unoriginal materials and colors are always Nonreturnable.

How should I install my sound deadening material?

Instructions may vary for multi-piece sets:EVA - Install poly side down/paper side up. Mastic with Pad - Install pad side down. Foil with Pad - Install pad side down.

Is it possible to get a sample of a particular carpet color?

Yes, we can provide up to five color swatches to customers interested in ordering from ACC, Inc.

Do you have product photos of everything you manufacture?

We have images for the majority of our products. When you do a "Product Search" on our web site, you will see an image of the product if one is available. New images are added to our database weekly.

Do you keep all your products in stock and what is your turn around time to receive an order?

No. We manufacture every product to order. Most items will ship 24-48 hours after order placement.

Can I order extra yardage of material?

Yes, all of our carpet materials are available to order by the yard. Material widths vary: Essex, Cut Pile, Truevette, Loop, and Nylon Loop are all 78 inches wide. Daytona is 54 inches wide. Tuxedo is 52 inches wide. Trinidad is 54 inches wide.

Do the carpets come with padding?

In most cases if your original carpet came with padding then your replacement carpet from ACC, Inc. will come with padding. Most carpets come with padding attached underneath the carpet. Some kits, including Vinyl, will have the padding loose in the box and not attached to the carpet. We also offer padding kits and padding by the yard that are sold separately.

What is Mass Backing?

Mass Backing is an approximately 45mil thick Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). It can be added to most any molded carpet and adds great sound and heat insulation to your vehicle's flooring. It also increases the overall look of the carpet after installation.

What are dimensions for the universal floor mats?

Driver Mat: 25 3/4" x 16 3/4. Passenger Mat: 25 3/4" x 16 3/4". Rear Mats: 13 1/2" x 15 7/8".

How much is shipping?

Shipping charges are determined by the box size and weight. Shipping charges can be estimated by selecting items online and then view your shopping cart. Entering your ship-to zip code will allow you to view charges for all shipping methods.

What is Essex and how is it different than standard Cut Pile?

Essex material is a premium, super plush upgrade to our standard Cut Pile. Standard Cut Pile is 1/4 inch high. Essex is 3/8 inch high. ACC, Inc. has offered Essex material as a upgrade option for over 10 years and it was developed with luxury in mind. Essex can be specified for just about any model vehicle as an upgrade to your order. It is made from 100% Nylon Cut Pile carpet manufactured with over 40% more nylon fiber than our standard Cut Pile. Essex material width is 78 inches. Just like all other ACC, Inc. materials, Essex is dyed on a continuous dying range and meets color fastness industry standards.

Is your carpet waterproof or marine grade?

No. Our carpet is not intended to be used outdoors or on boats, planes, etc. It is intended for interior automotive use only.

Is your carpet fireproof?

All of our materials go through rigorous testing. All meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for flammability retardation. Our carpet is meant to be a replacement to the original automotive carpet that came from the OEM. Using it for any other purpose is not recommended.

What is your return policy?

If you purchased our product from one of our Authorized Dealers, please contact them to return your product. Their return policy may vary from ACC's return policy. We will accept returns only from the person or company who ordered the product directly from ACC.

Where can I find installation instructions?

Please check out the "How To Tutorials" tab on our web site's home page. There you will find helpful videos, quick pointers, and written instructions. If you still need help, please give us a call or send us an email. Look for new videos to be added frequently.

I do not see my vehicle listed on your web site, what can I do?

Please fill out the New Product Request Form located on the Customer Care tab of our website.

How often do you make new products?

Our R&D department is always working on new products and most molds are built based on demand. If we do not have what you are looking for Click on the Customer Care Tab and fill our a New Product Request Form.