1962 Ford F-350 Sound Deadener Additional Information

Our OEM quality sound deadeners are a great addition when refreshing your 1962 Ford F-350 auto interior with replacement automotive flooring. All our auto interior products are made in the USA. When replacing carpet for your car, be sure to start with an Auto Interiors Direct sound deadener. We also offer many other interior products including trunk mats, car floor mats, auto headliners, and interior carpet for cars.

1962 Ford F-350 Sound Deadener

Molded Carpet:

  • Molded carpets are typically in vehicles from the early 1960s to current years
  • Molded for a perfect fit (some trimming will be required)
  • Padding comes standard on most
  • Original style heel pad
  • Additional items including kick panels, door panels, wheel wells, tail gate pieces, etc. also available
  • Finest fit and materials available in the aftermarket
  • Easy installation
  • Six materials available for molded carpets
  • Matching floor mats available

Cut and Sewn Carpet:

  • Cut & Sewn carpets are typically in vehicles before 1960
  • Die-cut from handmade dies
  • Vinyl or serge-bound edges
  • Hand sewn heel pad
  • Padding comes standard on most
  • Matching floor mats available

Mass Backing:

  • Mass backing is a black, rubber-like material that can be added to most molded carpets. It provides an additional layer of heat and sound control and also increases mold ability.
  • Backing choice
  • Rubber-like material
  • Increases moldability of carpet
  • Provides sound control
  • Can be added to most carpet materials

Vacuum Molded Vinyl:

  • Material choice
  • Heavy Duty
  • Long Lasting
  • Vacuum Molded
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Great for your truck, Jeep, SUV, utility vehicle, taxi cab, or police car

Ultra Plush Essix Material:

  • Ultra plush
  • Upgrade option
  • 3/8” pile height
  • Cutpile is 14 ounces of yarn per square yard; Essex is 22.5 ounces of yarn per square yard